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Clash Zones: Identities in (R)evolution

The Graduate Consortium in Women’s Studies and graduate students from our nine member institutions present biannual interdisciplinary conference entitled:

Clash Zones: Identities in (R)evolution

This interdisciplinary Women’s and Gender studies will investigate how frictions produced in these “clash zones” impact individual and communal bodies and alter the identity categories by which we define those bodies. We invite presentations from any discipline or period to explore how contentious cultural spaces shape gender and sexuality, both historically and today.

Categories of interest may include, but are not limited to:

  •  Labor borders: separate spheres, class divisions, wealth/pay equality

  • Political borders: uprisings, warfare, revolutions, protest

  • Environmental borders: lands of ecological concern, the natural world

  • National borders: citizenship, immigration, diaspora, post/colonialism

  • Urban borders: socioeconomic divisions, cultural spaces, public vs. private

  • Community borders: online/virtual, alternative, and imagines communities; subcultures

  • Body borders: transgender; intersex, queer bodies; reproductive technologies