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Cross-Registration and credit-transfer information


Students' Procedures for Cross-Registration and Credit Transfer at GCWS Member Institutions

The cross-registration process is different for each campus and the specific procedures for each member institution can be found on the links on this page. Click on your university’s name to find the procedures relevant to you. The GCWS Program Manager may also be able to help.

Please note: students who plan to finish their degree during the semester in which they are enrolled in a GCWS course must notify the GCWS Program Manager and faculty at the beginning of the semester with their graduation and grade deadline date. It may be necessary to submit work for early evaluation in order to graduate on time.


Current courses

Please contact GCWS for the specific course number of the course you wish to take. We offer five courses each year, including the Workshop fo Dissertation Writers in Women’s and Gender Studies, Feminist Inquiry, and three topic-based seminars.