GCWS Location

GCWS Main Office


GCWS Program Manager:

Stacey Lantz

GCWS Street Address:

160 Memorial Drive
2nd Floor – Room 211
Cambridge MA 02139

Mailing Address:

Consortium for Graduate Studies in Gender, Culture, Women, and Sexuality
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachusetts Ave., 
Building 14N Room 211
Cambridge, MA 02139-4307


Getting to the GCWS office


For Ride Share, use address:
3 Ames Street, Cambridge, MA.

Local directions to help you locate our office on MIT's campus:

From Kendall Square T Station (red line):

  1. Walk up Main St. (toward the Kendall Square Hotel and away from the river) to the intersection of Ames and Main.

  2. Take a left on Ames and walk 3/4 of the way down until you see tennis courts on your right.

  3. There is a walking path between these tennis courts and a set of buildings. Follow the path in to a central courtyard.

  4. Look for a large, abstract sculpture in the courtyard.

  5. The entrance to Building 14N is to the left of this sculpture.

  6. Once inside the building, go through the set of doors immediately to your right.

  7. Take the stairs up to the second floor.

    1. if you prefer or require the elevator, go through the doors in from of you as you enter the building. The elevator is down the hallway on the right.

    2. Get off at the second floor and turn left.

    3. The GCWS office, (room 211), will be the second office on your right, coming from the elevator.

  8. From the stairwell, once on the second floor turn right and walk all the way down the hall.

  9. The GCWS office, room 211, will be 3rd from the end of the hall on your right.