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Delve deeper than what course-work alone can offer

An opportunity to challenge, explore, and broaden your ideas.

GCWS Micro-Seminars are five-week, un-graded, graduate-level reading, writing, and discussion-based graduate seminars organized around specific themes in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.

The GCWS micro-seminars are less-intensive, un-graded reading-, writing-, and discussion-based seminars organized around specific themes, speaker series, film screenings, new book publications, or other points of focus. There is no grading or assessment beyond participation. These seminars explore feminist, queer, or other gender and sexuality related lines of inquiry. Specifically, these seminars provide instructors and participants the opportunity to delve deeply into ideas not encountered in existing courses at their home institutions. Seminars can also serve as a pilot for a semester-long GCWS course.

These seminars can be team-taught or led by an individual faculty member from a GCWS member institution. Students at any of our member institutions can apply, and all micro-seminars are capped at 20 students.

Seminars meet for two hours, once a week, over five consecutive weeks. One of those meetings might be to attend an event, with a seminar discussion before and/or after. Students will receive a GCWS certificate upon completion of the course.

Past micro-seminars have covered topics such as sex panics; race, gender, and embodiment in sports; and critical menstruation studies.

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