Harvard University

Steps for cross-registration for students registered at Harvard University:

  1. Harvard students enrolling in GCWS courses should follow the cross-registration procedures on Harvard’s Cross-Registration website which gives step by step instructions for filling out a non-Harvard cross-registration petition form. The host school to which students will be cross-registering is MIT. 

  2. Contact the GCWS Program Manager for the MIT course number for the course for which you are registering.

  3. Once the online petition is completed, notify the GCWS Program Manager. They can approve it electronically.

  4. Students who have questions about this cross-registration process should contact their home school’s registrar.

  5. Note that students who are planning to finish a degree the semester in which they are enrolled in a GCWS course have to contact the GCWS Program Manager and the course instructors at the beginning of the semester with their graduation and grade deadline date. The grade deadlines of both institutions may not coincide and, depending on the semester, these students may need to submit work for early evaluation by the instructors in order to graduate on time.

Christian Matyi