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Gender and Food

Gender and food Spring 2019.png

Location: MIT
MIT Course Number: WGS.700

Tuesdays 4:00 - 7:00 PM

January 29 - May 7, 2019

The aim of this seminar is to expose, interrogate and complicate feminist theories, epistemologies and methodologies that form the intellectual bases necessary to conduct feminist research. Given the ambitiousness of this goal and a commitment to interdisciplinarity, the course will NOT serve as a survey course, but rather, a carefully curated sampling of key works--some old, some newer-- that shape feminist scholarship. In this course, we will, collectively explore ways of feminist thinking, knowing, listening and speaking in the interest of producing knowledge that instigates change. The course is organized around very broad conceptual categories-- a sorting that will no doubt frustrate as much as it reveals the impossibility of establishing boundaries in such an urgently evolving and sincerely contested field of study and action. 


Carole Biewener

Carole Biewener is a Professor of Economics and Women’s and Gender Studies at Simmons University. Her current research addresses the political economy of food. Prior publications address the genealogy of the term "empowerment," social economy projects in the United States and Canada, debates at the intersection of poststructuralist feminism and postmodern Marxism, and the French Socialist government's financial policies in the 1980s.

Laura Miller

Laura J. Miller is Associate Professor of Sociology at Brandeis University. Her research focuses on the intersection of cultural and economic factors within industries, and their relationships with social movements. Her current project examines the history of vegetarian cookbooks in order to trace changing meanings attached to the advocacy of vegetarianism.