Micro-Seminar Faculty Interest Submission

Faculty Interest Application & information for leading a GCWS Micro-Semimar

Prior to submitting your application from this page, please make sure you have familiarized yourself with our policies and details regarding GCWS Micro-Seminars. All information is on this page, but can also be downloaded as a PDF by clicking here. You may also download the submission guidelines and submit a micro-seminar proposal via email to the GCWS Program Manager.

Micro-Seminar Faculty Interest Application

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Information on your Proposed Micro-seminar
Please limit this to one paragraph and be sure to include a very clear explanation of the focus of the seminar, including the lines of inquiry and topical or theoretical considerations that will be engaged.
These dates can be specific or general, and can indicate a range if it makes more sense ("late September through mid-October," for example). If you can offer at least two potential date ranges, we can better coordinate all seminars in one year. If your micro-seminar is scheduled around a particular local event or speaker series, please indicate that in the Proposed syllabus outline portion of this form below in the section that asks for “meeting focus.” Likewise please include mention of this event in the general description you provided above, if you haven't already.
Proposed Syllabus Information
In filling out the syllabus table below, please: • use questions or descriptions to frame each meeting; • include the full citation for reading assignments. Participants should have advance reading and writing assignments or the equivalent, just as in a full-length seminar. However, the writing is not graded or assessed (except for completion), but rather serves as a preparatory exercise for discussion. Guidelines: • Weekly Assignment: once per seminar meeting, no more than 3 double-spaced pages or equivalent • Reading: up to approximately 60 pages per seminar meeting
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Micro-Seminar Information for Faculty

Eligibility and Compensation

  • Instructors should be contingent, adjunct, or full-time faculty at our member institutions.

  • Instructors will be awarded an honorarium of $2,000.

  • Faculty may teach one micro-seminars every three years.

  • All micro-seminar proposals must be new to the proposing faculty-person. We will not review proposals for repeat seminars.

Micro-seminar Schedule

Faculty can propose a 5-week micro-seminar schedule for any general date range, including summer and winter breaks.  We also ask that micro-seminar meeting dates avoid finals weeks and are considerate of major holidays. We will take all facilitators’ availability into account when finalizing the schedule, though please be somewhat flexible with your preferred date range. 


Microseminars will be comprised of graduate students and seniors at our member institutions and will be capped at 20 participants.


Contact the GCWS Program Manager for deadlines. 

Review process

The GCWS curriculum and executive committees will review the micro-seminar proposal and may return it for further conversation.

To submit a proposal, please fill out and submit the form on this page prior to the deadline.