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The GCWS Student Conference

Student-led professional development event developing graduate student leadership

THE GCWS GRaduate Student conference

The GCWS Graduate Student Conference occurs in alternating years, with a smaller student-focused event in the years in between. The GCWS Graduate Student Conference is envisioned, developed, and implemented by a team of graduate students from the nine member institutions. This team, in accordance with the GCWS mission, is made up of a variety of disciplines, frameworks, backgrounds, and interests. The GCWS Program Manager and Board of Directors provides advice and mentorship during the planning and implementation process.

Student conference organizers will have the opportunity to develop transferable skills that are valuable to careers both inside and outside the academy. The organizing team handles all aspects of the conference, including:

  • Organizing panels and projects

  • Publicizing the events

  • Arranging venue and vendors

  • Creating materials

If you are interested in organizing the conference or have an idea for an interesting conference theme, email the GCWS Program Manager

Student conference presenters will have the opportunity to present their research related to a range of topics, practice their presentation skills, and network with students and faculty from across the Boston area and the country.

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