Anthony Petro

Anthony Petro is Assistant Professor of Religion and Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies at Boston University. His first book, After the Wrath of God: AIDS, Sexuality, and American Religion (Oxford, 2015), examined the history of U.S. religious responses to the AIDS crisis and their role in the promotion of a national moral discourse on sex. His current project, “Provoking Religion: Sex, Art, and the Sacred in Modern America,” looks at how a range of queer and feminist artists have engaged religious themes and ritual in their work since the 1970s, exploring how this archive of visual and performance art helps us to rethink key categories in the study of religion and in gender and sexuality studies. He has published essays on a number of topics, including the queer archive of Catholic sexual abuse, critical disability studies, religion and camp politics, and religion, race, and sexuality in North American religions.